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Dive Sites of Lanzarote

Discover the perfect sites for diving in Lanzarote

The Dive Sites of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands of Spain are varied.

We offer shore diving at Playa Chica, and Boat Dives daily. Dives from Playa Chica are very comfortable and open to all levels of divers. Beginner dives are conducted right from the beach in a nice secluded bay. This shallow dive is perfect for snorkeling. The Harbour wall a nice 8-18m or for the more experienced the Playa Chica cliff hides many nooks and crannies worth visiting. Depths here go past the 42m recommended depths for recreational scuba divers. The uniqueness and richness of the caves along Puerto Del Carmen cliff are so great that Europe has declared it a “special Conservation Site”.

Boat diving is also available Monday through Saturday.  This is a morning activity only and their is a small surcharge to dive from one of our local ribs.

Scroll down to discover a small selection of the most popular sites we have for you to discover under the crystal clear waters of the beautiful island of Lanzarote.

map of diving spots in Lanzarote

Open Water Dives

The Cathedral

Formed during the volcanic eruptions this large cavern is encrusted with soft corals on the walls and ceiling. The depth at the entrance reaches over 30m but then slopes gently up to the back of the cavern revealing a shimmering image as freshwater meets salt forming a halocline at the rear of the cavern. Things to see are Large Grouper, Moray eels, and Rays. On the return journey above the Cathedral, you can swim through the bubble fields, created by your exhaled air trapped against the roof of the cavern. This air then filters up through the sand and on towards the surface.

The Blue Hole

As you can see from the photograph, the view from below gives the dive site its name. The top of the hole is at approx 18m and drops to about 30m. A torch is recommended to get the most from this dive. We drop through the Blue Hole and into some of the small caves where you can also spot cleaner shrimps. Groupers follow us in to take their morning snacks. An amazing site very popular among our regular divers due to the abundance in marine life. Things to see are Great Barracuda, Large Grouper, Angel shark and Sting Rays.

Boat Diving

Join us Monday thru Saturday onboard one of our local ribs. Diving the coastline of Puerto Del Carmen with depths ranging from 20m-40m+. Suitable for minimum Advanced level divers. The boat comfortably can carry up to 12 divers and all sites are within 10 minutes from shore. Due to popular demand, this must be pre-booked. Enjoy the freedom of being in the water with no other groups surrounding you. Watch for Large Jacks, Tuna, Sting rays plus an abundance of schooling fish. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Harbour Wall

From the jetty wall into 4m and gradually descend to about 22m. This is a fantastic dive with every opportunity to see anything from tiny vividly colored nudibranchs to Angel Sharks, Cuttlefish and sometimes, a Seahorse or two. Fabulous site for night diving. This site is open to all levels of divers.


Breathtaking scenery and fascinating geological formations, caverns and swim-throughs. Famous for its bigger fish like angel sharks, different types of rays and moray eels. A totally different type of dive site which, can only be fully appreciated by being there!